Parc des Appalaches

Sainte-Lucie-de-Beauregard • Montmagny and the islands
Trottinette des neiges
Trottinette des neiges
Trottinette des neiges Parc des Appalaches
Randonnée en raquette au Parc des Appalaches sommet
Randonnée en raquette au Parc des Appalaches
refuge Parc des Appalaches
Randonnée en hiver au Parc des Appalaches
Top of the Sugar Loaf
Cascades de la Loutre
Cascades de la Loutre
Parc régional des Appalaches
Kayak sur la rivière Noire Nord-Ouest
Pont du Méandre
Refuger des Pins
Mont Sugar Loaf
Du sommet du Mont Sugar Loaf
Du sommet du Mont Sugar Loaf
Randonnée pédestre - sommet Mont Sugar Loaf
Randonnée pédestre
Randonnée pédestre
Mont Sugar Loaf
Sommet du mont Sugar Loaf
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Parc des Appalaches

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105, street Principale
Sainte-Lucie-de-Beauregard Québec, G0R 3L0
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418 223-3423
1 877 827-3423

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  • Hiking trails : 120 km

  • Mountain biking trail : 7 km

  • Cycle path : 12 km

Our crushes (6)

  • The Cedars stream

    Travel this trail leading you to a beautiful waterfall!

  • The Sugar Loaf Mountain

    A return trip hike of 6km with a 360 degree point of view!

  • A navigable river

    Discover the Noire Nord-Ouest river by canoe or kayak!

  • Alive Trail

    Trail with information panels for the small ones!

  • Bogs' trails

    Bike trails of 12km in a magnificent bog!

  • The Grande Coulée Mountain

    Hike in return trip of 6.5km with point of view at 853m!

In a few words

The Park of Appalachians offers a wide array of activities all year for the whole family. Discover its 120-km network of hiking trails. See the waterfalls of the Cèdres stream and Devost river, the rushing waters of the Loutre River, the eskers and the park's bogs. Take in the breath-taking view at the top of Sugar Loaf and Grande Coulée Mountains. Cross the Noire Nord-Ouest and its meanders using the suspended footbridges, or by canoe, kayak, pontoon. Possibility to rent canoes, kayak during summer and snowshoes, fatbikes and snow scooters during winter. And the best of it, dogs are welcome everywhere!

For a completely different night time experience, sleep in a shelter. Communicate with us for more informations about our promotions.

For Real!

I have discover the Park more than 15 years ago. Ever since, I work in the development of this beautiful natural territory by ensuring the welfare of visitors and their canine friends!

Stéphanie Charland, Parc des Appalaches

Certifications et distinctions

    • Grand Prix Régional - 2009
    • Grand Prix Régional - 2014

    Schedule and prices


    Reception office of Sainte-Lucie-de-Beauregard opening hours:

    From 1st of january 2022 to 21 of May 2022
    Open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm the saturday and sunday from 9am to 3pm.

    From 22 of May 2022 to 11 of October 2022
    Open everyday from 9am to 5pm

    Du 12 octobre 2022 au 21 mai 2023
    Open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm the saturday and sunday from 9am to 3pm.


    Chargeable access to the hiking trails (6$/adulte/jour, gratuit 17 ans et moins).
    Rent of watercraft from 10$/heure.

    Articles (13)


    6 hébergements insolites

    Découvrez des hébergements « prêt-à-camper » tout à fait originaux! Et ce qui est génial, c'est qu'il n'est pas nécessaire d'être équipé ou d'avoir beaucoup d'expérience en camping pour en profiter. Vivez une expérience unique en séjournant au coeur de magnifiques sites naturels.

    Active Nature A full season in a refuge at Parc des Appalaches!

    The experience of life in a refuge, many do it for a weekend, a few days, and we decided to live it for a season, that is this winter! During these few months, the refuge des Pins located in the Parc des Appalaches has become our home. A time to get rid of the superfluous, to get together and experience a life in the heart of nature.

    Active Nature 3 days of independent hiking in the Appalachian Park

    This summer, we bought our first house. A three-seater tent, very light. Enough to carry everywhere, on our backs. We also bought the mattress, the sleeping bag, the bowl, dehydrated food. The important thing: everything had to go into the backpack. So, only one plan was missing, a real hike.

    Active Nature Canoe on the Noire Nord-Ouest river in the Parc des Appalaches with Barrons-Nous.

    Paddling on the most beautiful rivers in Quebec is one of our many passions. Venture on the calm waters of a splendid green river, approach the small remote corners in absolute calm, observe the fishes, the herons and the wild geese ... We like to borrow a boat the time of an afternoon for us to recharge our batteries and leave our worries of everyday life over the water.

    Active Nature - En vedette Les Voyageuses du Québec and the pleasures of winter in the Parc des Appalaches

    Every time I go to the Parc des Appalaches, I always come back relaxed and satisfied to have been able to practice my favorite winter sports in such a majestic environment. During my last visit as part of a collaboration with the web magazine Les voyageuses du Québec, I had so many good times in cross-country skiing and fatbike, that I almost forgot the -30 degrees I felt. . Almost !

    Active Nature - En vedette The Parc des Appalaches, from one mountain to another!

    Adeptes de randonnée en toutes saisons, l’hiver on chausse nos raquettes pour profiter pleinement de la multitude de sentiers qu’offre le Parc des Appalaches. C’est en effet pour nous LA place de rêve pour pratiquer au milieu d'un espace naturel à l’état brut. C’est un parc naturel habité certes, mais chacun de ses secteurs sont de véritables espaces sauvages très diversifiés. Et en plus, ils sont tous ouverts aux pitous !

    Active Nature - En vedette Unparalleled complicity by snowscooting!

    We don't know you, but since childhood we have often dreamed of putting ourselves in the shoes of a musher ... And then three dogs including two huskies have entered our lives. We moved to Quebec. And this winter, we spend the white season in a cabin in the middle of the famous Parc des Appalaches. In short, all the conditions are present to practice snowscooting almost daily ... What a dream!