Isle-aux-Grues by Iamnomad

Looking for a place to go for a relaxing getaway in an unknown place? We had the chance to visit Isle-aux-grues, located in the St. Lawrence River less than an hour from Quebec.

Alex et Francis Iamnomad May 29, 2017
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Active Nature
3-day self-guided hike in the Parc des Appalaches
Recently, we were in the Parc des Appalaches for a hiking-camping between Filles du Nord in the Lac Talon sector. We were lucky enough to bring together a small group of 8 hikers for this first indep…
Filles du Nord
Written on October 17, 2022
Curious Nature
Prêts pour la Route in Berthier-sur-Mer, a welcoming destination for RVs!
We notice a nice trend this summer while traveling the roads of Quebec. Many villages and municipalities have adapted to the new reality of the growing number of nomadic RV travelers. Travelers who a…
Written on August 30, 2022
Active Nature
Women travelers from Quebec and the discovery of Chaudière-Appalaches with their dog
Quand on m’a suggéré de passer un week-end en amoureux pour découvrir la région de Chaudière-Appalaches et cela avec mon chien Benji, j’ai tout de suite dit un gros OUI ! Premièrement, parce que c’ét…
Written on August 1, 2022
Active Nature
Nomade Magazine discovers Chaudière-Appalaches in 2 unusual getaways
This magnificent region along the south shore of the St. Lawrence River has everything to please its visitors. Whether for its gourmet addresses, its many outdoor activities and its unusual accommoda…
Written on August 1, 2022
Arrêts Gourmands
The know-how of our gourmet stops - Chalets Villégiature et Pourvoirie Daaquam: the taste of nature
The story of Chalets Villégiature et Pourvoirie Daaquam began in 1993 with an inn and a chalet designed for hunting.
Les Cervidés
Written on July 26, 2022
Virée culturelle à Montmagny
Du haut de ses 375 ans d'histoire, Montmagny compte d'inspirants musées et attraits culturels enracinés au cœur de magnifiques bâtiments patrimoniaux. Êtes-vous prêt à vivre une virée culturelle des …
Sylviane Lord
Written on July 18, 2022
Arrêts Gourmands
The know-how of our gourmet stops - La Maison Rousseau : spotlight on local producers
It is a local 180 degree turn that La Maison Rousseau has taken in two years. This is how, in this restaurant located in a heritage building from 1852, in the heart of Old Montmagny, you can now savo…
Les Cervidés
Written on July 11, 2022
Foody Nature
Grilled cheese, beer and sunset!
A mouth-watering post on your Facebook feed. Sometimes that's just what it takes to say Go! In addition, when the temperature is magnificent like this evening, the marina of Berthier-sur-Mer is a saf…
Stéphane Bourque
Stéphane Bourque Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches
Written on May 20, 2022
Curious Nature
Catherine, our extra, tells us about her weekend in Isle-aux-Grues with her husband
L’Isle-aux-Grues, trésor caché dans le ventre du Saint-Laurent, si près de nous, mais si dépaysant à la fois. C’est sous l’aile de l’équipe de Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches que nous avons, mon mari e…
Catherine Kotiuga
Written on May 10, 2022
Active Nature
DIscover campsites in Montmagny and the Islands
The region offers many camping sites that will please amateurs whatever their preferences.
Sylviane Lord
Written on April 27, 2022
Curious Nature
Photographic safari of little penguins
Did you know that you can see little penguins without ever goint to the Arctic? Fortunately, yes! You can watch them during a short period of time in May and June in the middle of the St. Lawrence Ri…
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Written on March 28, 2022
Foody Nature
Ange and the sweet spring at the Bistreau d'érable
Since Sunday, spring has finally officially begun! A visit to the sugar shack is the ideal outing to celebrate the return of sunny days by enjoying the best of our region.
Ange Hébert-Corriveau
Written on March 21, 2022
Arrêts Gourmands
The know-how of our gourmet stops - Le Joyeux Pétrin: the art of sourdough bread
Charles Trudeau acquired his experience with the first bakers of sourdough bread in Quebec. He accompanied them in their noble mission of making Quebecers rediscover real bread, its virtues, its flav…
Les Cervidés
Written on August 2, 2021
Randonnée en kayak de mer à l’Île-aux-Oies
Pourquoi l’Îles-aux-Oies? De par son histoire, son calme et sa tranquillité, aucun traversier ni d’avion dans ce secteur et les paysages sont à couper le souffle. Nous avons l’impression d’être compl…
Frédéric Rétif
Frédéric Rétif Ambassadeur - Destination Région L'Islet
Written on July 30, 2021
Roxanne & Gérard explorent le Parc des Appalaches
Véritable endroit de prédilection pour Roxanne & Gérard, le Parc des Appalaches offre une multitude d'attraits autant pour les débutants que pour les pleinairistes accomplis, en plus d'accueillir les…
Sylviane Lord
Written on July 21, 2021
Arrêts Gourmands
The know-how of our gourmet stops - Fishmonger Donald Lachance: discovering the black sturgeon
It was since 1995, when he bought the commercial fishing license from his father Anselme, that Donald Lachance has been striving to fish for Atlantic sturgeon in the waters of the St. Lawrence River.…
Les Cervidés
Written on July 16, 2021
Roxanne & Gérard voguent vers L'Isle-aux-Grues
Roxanne & Gérard ont découvert un lieu où le temps semble suspendu. Empreinte d'une énergie créative, L'Isle-aux-Grues permet de quitter la frénésie de la ville et de profiter du calme insulaire. Au …
Sylviane Lord
Written on July 14, 2021
Domaine la Charmante
Arrêts Gourmands
The know-how of our gourmet stops - Domaine La Charmante: for the love of the great outdoors and permaculture
It was in October 2019 that Cathy and Étienne Michaud became the new owners of Domaine La Charmante. Located in the Appalachian Mountains, this vast ecological domain soon won over the couple.
Les Cervidés
Written on July 13, 2021
Arrêts Gourmands
The know-how of our gourmet stops - Microbrasserie Côte-du-Sud: A microbrewery to promote the Côte-du-Sud
Resulting from the project of nine shareholders passionate about the brewing world, the Côte-du-Sud Microbrasserie lives up to its name.
Les Cervidés
Written on July 12, 2021