DIscover campsites in Montmagny and the Islands

The region offers many camping sites that will please amateurs whatever their preferences.

Sylviane Lord April 13, 2021
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Isle-aux-Grues des airs - avion - air montmagny
Foody Nature
I will come l'Isle-aux-Grues
Within the framework of work, I found myself for an afternoon in Isle-aux-Grues. I'll have to come back with my bike to discover all the splendor of the island and really take the time to live to the…
Stéphane Bourque
Stéphane Bourque Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches September 18, 2020
About the Captains Lachance
Leaving on the river in the company of captains Lachance is reviving nearly two centuries of history. Discover their talent as storytellers, their knowledge of island life and their passion for the r…
Sylviane Lord
Sylviane Lord June 4, 2018
Exposition «L'île heureuse» de Riopelle
Un hommage à la nature, majestueuse et sauvage, et à la vie, tout simplement.
Sylviane Lord
Sylviane Lord June 15, 2021
To enjoy L'Isle-aux-Grues
These few tips will help you to live a pleasant stay in this wonderful island.
Sylviane Lord
Sylviane Lord April 15, 2021
Curious Nature
Photographic safari of little penguins
Did you know that you can see little penguins without ever goint to the Arctic? Fortunately, yes! You can watch them during a short period of time in May and June in the middle of the St. Lawrence Ri…
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Sara-Émilie Laurin April 15, 2021
Foody Nature
Journée de pêche tout inclus (ou presque!) sur le fleuve Saint-Laurent
Une journée entre amis sur un bateau au milieu du fleuve Saint-Laurent avec un guide qui te montre les meilleurs endroits où pêcher, te prête l'équipement et te prépare même tes filets, c'est pas mal…
Sara-Émilie Laurin
Sara-Émilie Laurin January 11, 2021
Halte des piliers - St-Jean-Port-Joli - Moto - Route 132 - septembre 2020
Active Nature
Route 132: my Compostelle on a motorcycle
Riding a motorbike on the Route des Navigateurs between Lévis and Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies, that’s the kind of the effect it has on me. With the road along the river and all the superb views to take a…
Stéphane Bourque
Stéphane Bourque Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches October 7, 2020
Foody Nature
Microbrewery Côte-du-Sud
Everything you need to know about Microbrasserie Côte-du-Sud
Frédéric Vachon
Frédéric Vachon Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches July 30, 2020
Théo BBQ - Poutine - Tacos
Foody Nature
A 6 to 8 at Theo BBQ, what a good idea!
For our 6 to 8, we ignored the week of the burger and we find ourselves at Theo BBQ for two hours of pure happiness!
Stéphane Bourque
Stéphane Bourque Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches September 24, 2019
Grosse-Île - Croisières Lachance - Montmagny et les îles
Curious Nature
Rosalie's favorite for Grosse-Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site
All aboard the Vent des Îles with Captain Lachance!
Rosalie Meunier
Rosalie Meunier Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches August 20, 2019
Grosse-Île - Arrivée - vue du bateau
Curious Nature
My super day at Grosse Île. From beliefs to science.
Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to travel in the the past and visit Grosse-Île and the Irish Memorial before the official beginning of the tourist season. Let me tell you.
Stéphane Bourque
Stéphane Bourque Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches July 17, 2019
Jour 3 -Pont- Parc des Appalaches
Active Nature
3 days of independent hiking in the Appalachian Park
This summer, we bought our first house. A three-seater tent, very light. Enough to carry everywhere, on our backs. We also bought the mattress, the sleeping bag, the bowl, dehydrated food. The import…
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches September 15, 2018
Chalets et Villégiature Daaquam - équitation - été
Curious Nature
Horseback riding in the Appalachians!
At the beginning of the summer, I had an equine experience « coup de cœur » in the vast Parc des Appalaches.
Amélie Letendre
Amélie Letendre Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches July 26, 2018
Parc des Appalaches- Canot- Barrons-nous
Active Nature
Canoe on the Noire Nord-Ouest river in the Parc des Appalaches with Barrons-Nous.
Paddling on the most beautiful rivers in Quebec is one of our many passions. Venture on the calm waters of a splendid green river, approach the small remote corners in absolute calm, observe the fish…
Micro-Chalet des Appalaches - Barrons -Nous
Active Nature
Micro-Chalets des Appalaches - Mini accommodation, maxi relaxation. The stay of Barrons-nous
Hilly forests as far as the eye can see, hundreds of typical farms, charming villages ... No doubt, here we are in the Chaudière Appalaches region. We arrive in the evening in Sainte-Lucie de Beaureg…
Foody Nature - Active Nature - Curious Nature
The essentials to live for real this summer
It is not always easy to make a choice in front of the panoply of activities which is offered to the visitors who stay in the area of ​​Montmagny and the Islands! Tourism Montmagny and the Islands ha…
Sylviane Lord
Sylviane Lord July 14, 2017
Sculptures Marc Côté
Curious Nature
Marc Côté stone sculptures garden: welcome to Marichka and Marc’s paradise
The first thing that I think of when I think about my visit to the Marc Côté gallery and stone sculpture garden is a good time. The weather was good, the light was good, the welcome was warm and it w…
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches July 3, 2017
Isle-aux-Grues IamNomad -
Active Nature
Isle-aux-Grues by Iamnomad
Looking for a place to go for a relaxing getaway in an unknown place? We had the chance to visit Isle-aux-grues, located in the St. Lawrence River less than an hour from Quebec.