Discover our selection of best places to visit

Des évènements à ne pas manquer!

Envie de festoyer, de danser, de chanter? Découvrez nos festivités estivales et venez célébrer avec nous!

Cabins for rent near the river

Find cottages and houses for rent in Montmagny, Berthier-sur-Mer and Cap-Saint-Ignace.

Charming cabins on an island

Become an island for a moment!

Campsites for all types of campers

Whether you appreciate good company and local services or want to be isolated in the heart of nature, campers will be delighted by the beau…

Chalets in the heart of the Parc des Appalaches

Séjournez en chalet dans un endroit isolé pour profiter de la nature et des grands espaces!

6 exceptional sites for birdwatching

Montmagny and the Islands is a landmark spot for birdwatching. Faced with the immensity of the St. Lawrence River, the birds finds refuge i…

6 unusual accommodations

Discover completely original “ready-to-camp” accommodations! And what's great is that you don't need to be equipped or have a lot of campin…

U-pick and market garden stands

Stock up on berries and tasty vegetables from our producers who offer pick-your-own activities and market garden stands.

Friendly cafes

Cafés are welcoming places to pass the time. We go there to enjoy a good drink in a relaxed atmosphere where we can enjoy good pleasures.

3 good reasons to visit Quartier Vieux-Montmagny

Discover the heart of Montmagny! Through the narrow streets of this heritage district, you will enjoy cafes, bistros and shops. Style, char…

8 places to picnic

What's more enjoyable than having a picnic outdoors during the holidays.

6 beaches to bask in the sun

Take your swimsuit, sunscreen and deck chair and relax on the natural and landscaped beaches of the region.

9 cottages where dogs are welcome

Travel everywhere with doggie! The Parc des Appalaches is one of the only Quebec parks where dogs are not only accepted, but are also welco…

6 places to admire the sunsets along the river

Attend this completely free natural spectacle in one of the magnificent sites along the river.

8 lively terraces during the summer

Discover beautiful terraces in the region of Montmagny and the Islands. An inviting atmosphere, a splendid view and a tasty table await you.