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Active Nature By canoe in the Parc des Appalaches
Discover the Parc des Appalaches from a completely different angle, it is possible to do so thanks to a canoe excursion on the Noire Nord-Ouest.River. Embark on Gérard and Roxanne's adventure accompanied by their husky, Jack!
G&R FILMMAKER June 15, 2021
From Finland to the Parc des Appalaches, same scenery, same powder!
Both of us really like skiing, well especially Gérard, it must be admitted, but we have never been very fans of alpine ski resorts… We prefer the freedom of off-piste mountain skiing, away from crowds. So, when we learned that the Grande Coulée sect…
G&R FILMMAKER February 18, 2021
Active Nature Unparalleled complicity by snowscooting!
We don't know you, but since childhood we have often dreamed of putting ourselves in the shoes of a musher ... And then three dogs including two huskies have entered our lives. We moved to Quebec. And this winter, we spend the white season in a cabi…
G&R FILMMAKER February 16, 2021