Snow geese

The great snow geese

During the spring, the sleepy nature wakes up with the arrival of the snow geese who make a stopover before continuing their trip to the Arctic. This migratory cycle comes back in the autumn with the beautiful colors and special cultural and agro-tourism events.

From mid-April to mid-May, as well as in October, the snow geese mainly concentrates in the Montmagny and the Islands area. The birds find here a coastline and an archipelago where there is plenty of American bulrush, the dominant aquatic plant species in the marshes, which is a key ingredient in the diet of snow geese. They replenish their energy and makes reserves for the rest of their migration.

Do not hesitate to contact us ( ) for more information on the arrival of the Greater Snow Goose in the region. Our team will be able to share with you their daily observations on the ground and inform you of the arrival of the tall ships of snow geese.

Where to observe snow geese?

During the spring, the snow geese population mainly concentrate in the tidelands along the coastline of the St. Lawrence River. In autumn, the sanctuary and resting-place are located in Montmagny, the Isle-aux-Grues and Cap-Saint-Ignace. Those are the best observation points to watch the birds take off. At the end of day, just before the sunset, or early in the morning are the best moment to see the snow geese.

Consult the map to learn more about the different snow goose observation sites and plan a trip to Montmagny and the Islands!


L'Isle-aux-Grues  is a sanctuary for many species of birds. For the bird watching enthusiasts, this really is a must-see destination. The large marshes are perfect habitats for the snow geese. The Jean-Paul Riopelle wildlife reserve, also named Pointe-aux-Pins, is an ecological zone protected by Nature Conservancy Canada. This zone offers many hiking trails and a breathtaking panorama on the St. Lawrence River, the islands and the mountains.


The Berthier-sur-Mer’s marina  is very suitable for snow geese observation with, in bonus, a beautiful view of the St. Lawrence River and the hills of Charlevoix.


The basin and waterfalls of Montmagny  is one of the best spot to observe the snow geese, mainly when the tide is high. You can also observe the snow geese at the Pointe-à-la-Caille, at the Marsh’s park and on the place des Migration , near the Camping de la Pointe-aux-Oies.


The Petit-Cap  hiking trail constitutes privileged access to the St. Lawrence River. Many interpretation panels will guide you through your visit. Note that you can only access it by foot and also that the hiking trail is closed during the hunting season until December 31st. You can also use the trail at the Vieux Quai de Cap-Saint-Ignace  to watch the snow geese.

Taste the delicate and delicious geese meat

With an almost duck-like taste, the geese is savored in many ways. From magret to terrines, not to mentioned geese pie and poutine (for real!), the restaurants and delicatessens of the region offer a lot of meals featuring the snow geese.

Goose hunting

If you are a hunting enthusiast, Montmagny and the Islands is the perfect destination for your annual trip. Many outfitters are at your disposal and provide experienced guides, lodging and even restaurants! Choose the option that suits you the most!