Luna Caballera, les Rendez-Vous Magiques des Appalaches

Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire • Montmagny and the islands
Amazones, equestrian liberty
Amazones, cossack riding
«Amazones», Luna Caballera's new spectacle
Amazones, penthesilea
Amazones, bareback riding
Amazones, the great archeologist
Amazones, chinese pole
Amazones, theatre
Amazones' Queen
Amazones, shooting arrows on horseback
Amazones, vaulting
Amazones, The Mother of the Forest
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Luna Caballera, les Rendez-Vous Magiques des Appalaches

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241, rang St-Louis
Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire Québec, G0R 2H0
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418 234-0372
418 234-0372


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From Aug. 3, 2024 to Sept. 1, 2024

In a few words

A unique spectacle of equestrian circus, music and poetry held in a fabulous Appalachian landscape.

A Rendez-Vous for the all family.

The spectacles will occur every saturday 7h00pm and sunday 3h30pm during August. As we need to respect the covid restrictions, you will have to make the reservations at least 24h before by e-mail. You'll receive a confirmation number that you will have to show at the entrance.

As this year was not easy for many people and we really want to be «inclusive» as much as possible, the price is «what you want or what you can pay». You'll be invited to pay in cash at the end of the show, accordingly with the pleasure you had with us!

Hope to see you in the Clairière Magique! It is located at 241, rang Saint-Louis at Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire, Qc G0R 2H0

More informations at https://www.facebook.com/LunaCaballera?locale=fr_FR