Access to island and river

What's more exotic than a beautiful escapade on an island? Montmagny and the Islands offers you this chance! Whether it's Grosse Île, Isle-aux-Grues or Île au Canot, you will find the island that will satisfy you. They will make you live a unique and exotic experience.

Three ways to get to the archipelago

You can access the Grosse Île and the Isle-aux-Grues by using the ferry boat of Les Croisières Lachance. Leaving from Berthier-sur-Mer, they offer various excursions to visit the island of your choice with an experienced guide.

You can also go by air with Air Montmagny. Available all year round, depending on the weather, you can access the Isle-aux-Grues and Grosse Île or just fly over the archipelago and the region.

The Ferry L’Isle-aux-Grues/Montmagny provides a daily liaison between the Isle-aux-Grues and the town of Montmagny. Please note that this service is available when the ice has melted, generally from May to December. The schedules may varies with the tides.

Get inspired, enjoy!

The Islands

Grosse Île | Halfway between history and plain nature

Explore an enchanting site where breathtaking landscape, inspiring nature and moving stories are combined for a memorable journey. From 1832 to 1937, Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site served as a quarantine station for the Port of Quebec, the main gateway to Canada for immigrants at that time. The island witnessed momentous events, such as the typhus epidemic, which claimed the lives of thousands of Irish immigrants in 1847. That’s why this site is nowadays a unique heritage site.

Isle-aux-Grues | Visit the only all year long inhabited island of the archipelago

Staying at the Isle-aux-Grues, it’s being transported in a unique world with an amazing panorama. A real paradise of the bikers and for the bird watchers, the Isle-aux-Grues is also where you can taste excellent artisan cheeses. An ideal destination for anyone who loves nature. You can access the island by airborne and waterborne pathways.

Île au Canot | Walk on the soil where five generations of Lachance’s has been born and raised

Became an islander for a moment and live at the rhythm of the tides. Every spring and every autumn, the snow geese make a stop on the island during their migration. You’ll be amazed by the view of thousands of snow geese taking off at the same time!

Bateau Ivre - Coucher de soleil - Auberge des Dunes - Isle-aux-Grues
Grosse Île
Île au Canot

Access to the St. Lawrence River

The Montmagny and the Islands area offers many accesses to the St. Lawrence River along the Route des Navigateurs, whether it’s from a park, a beach, a hiking trail or from a dock. Enjoy the halts to replenish your energy and to contemplate the nature. And why don’t you top your day off with a breathtaking sunset!

Sailing excursion