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Intangible heritage

The intangible heritage is based on knowledge and know-how that are shared throughout generations and that a community acknowledge as being part of its cultural patrimony, which preservation and transmission generate a great interest.

The city of Montmagny highlighted the traditions that marked the region’s history. Montmagny has identified five elements of its intangible heritage among which waterfowl hunting, ice canoeing, sturgeon and striped bass fishing and accordion crafting.

Ice canoe

Exposition « Le canot à glace: du transport au sport »
Isle-aux-Grues- Musée de l'Ile
Musée de L'Isle-aux-Grues

Black Sturgeon

Poissonnerie Donald Lachance

goose hunting


accordion making and PLAYING

Musée de l'Accordéon - Montmagny et les îles - Exposition d'accordéons
Musée de l'accordéon
Carrefour mondial de l'accordéon - spectacle
Carrefour mondial de l'accordéon