Île au Canot

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Île au Canot - Montmagny and the islandsÎle au Canot

Pure nature

Île au Canot : 2 km by 0,6 km of happiness! In the spring, this is the perfect place to observe the local birdlife. The Lachance family invites ornithologist for a guided tour accompanied by a professional ornitologist. Onsite, you can also observe several different species in their natural habitat : the greater snow goose, many duck species, the great blue heron and much more!

Available in the spring, those trips allow the visitors to live a unique adventure. Binoculars, boots and lunch packed, everybody is ready for the trip! In the morning, the boat leaves Montmagny. After a short 30 minute ride on the St. Lawrence, you will arrive on the heavenly islands.

On site, dozens of different bird species can be observed. Whether you are an avid birdwatcher or not, this tour will suit everyone. Beginners can stay with the guide while experts can independently venture.

The captain's enthusiasm makes this experience unforgettable. At the lunch, they relate how island life goes on, the archipelago history and several other anecdotes that make these islands so unique.

Île au Canot - Montmagny and the islandsFrom then till now

Leaving from Berthier-sur-Mer, the tour named "From then till now" allows the visitors to get onboard for a guided cruise on the St. Lawrence with a stopover on Île au Canot. This historical and cultural tour gives access to all the secrets of the island : the Lachance family, all the anecdotes and stories of the place, etc. "From then till now" is aimed at everyone and is perfectly suited for families.

A stay on Île au Canot

A stay on Île au Canot allows visitors to breathe, to live, to discuss, to listen and to share with loved ones. For a few days, or a week, this is the perfect place to relax, for a family party, for vacations or for a business meeting.

Once you set foot on the island, a wonderfull feeling of calm will take over! Isolation and tranquility allow visitors to live unforgettable moments.

More than a place of leisure

Île au Canot will also be a much interest to hunters. On site, they can hunt the greater snow goose, Canada goose and ducks. They can also hunt pheasant and turkey, depending on the season. While they are hunting, visitors are always accompanied by an experienced guide who will show them the best places to hunt according to the winds and tides.