The little razorbill

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The razorbills - Montmagny and the islands


In the region of Chaudière-Appalaches, specifically in the archipelago of Isle-aux-Grues, spring means the return of the little razorbill. On that occasion, the Lachance Cruises crew invites you to discover this colony from mid-May to mid-June. An unforgettable experience in the heart of the St. Lawrence River! You will sail through the islands and, once arrived at the observation site, an experimented guide will introduce you to this species.

What is this little razorbill?

Cousin of the great auk, this magnificent bird inhabits temperate and boreal North Atlantic coasts. It should not be confused with the family of penguins, which do not fly and live in Antarctica. In the islands of the St. Lawrence estuary, the razorbills make their nests in cevices and cracks in the rock.

The razorbills mainly eat fish. It is also very impressive to see them perform dizzying dives to catch their preys.

Come and see ...

Special trips are planned for the early season to the east of the archipelago, especially to observe the razorbills. Perched, flying or diving, they will certainly dazzle you and seduce you. Onsite, an Ornitour guide will tell you all you have to know about those little birds

Other types of cruises are also available to let you discover Grosse Ile, Isle-aux-Grues, Ile au Canot and more.