Snow geese in Montmagny and the islands

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Oies blanches - Montmagny et les îles

Snow geese in Montmagny and the islands

With the arrival of spring, nature suddenly comes alive as snow geese pass through the area and pause before continuing on to the Arctic. Fall is also highlighted by this great migratory movement-- this time accompanied by an array of nature's special colors and celebrated in numerous cultural and agricultural events. What a show-and all of this, only 30 minutes from Quebec City!

From mid-April to mid-May and late September to late October, the main concentrations of geese are found in the region, especially in the surroundings of Montmagny. The region offers these celebrated migratory birds a shoreline and archipelago rich in bulrush marshes, their favourite habitat. One should know that geese are particularly fond of American Bulrush Rhizomes (roots), a perennial plant loaded with nutrients that grows along tidal flats and which enables them to stock fat before continuing their long journey.

In the spring, the snow geese population is concentrated and feeds in the farmlands along the St. Lawrence River. In autumn, the area's migratory bird sanctuaries located in Montmagny, L'Isle-aux-Grues and Cap St.-Ignace are favourite observation sites for experienced or amateur bird watchers. The Montmagny basin provides the perfect place to watch geese up close and in their natural habitat-the best is at high tide, on a bright sunny day.

Montmagny, Snow Goose Capital, invites you to come and discover this fascinating bird and its migration. Birdwatching guides, observation sites, and the Snow Goose Trail are at your disposal. Don't miss the Festival de l'oie blanche, which is among the most important events in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. This festival is a highlight of the year, with its array of activities and entertainment celebrating the snow geese in all their forms. Restaurants in the area invite you to taste this delicious waterfowl. Eager agro-tourists: Come and join the party!