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Mi-Carême tradition - Isle-aux-Grues - Montmagny and the islands


Mi-Carême... this charming festival once celebrated in each of Quebec municipalities ... Would you like to relive these beautiful evenings that our ancestors knew? Just go to Isle-aux-Grues ... The Gruois will welcome you in the second week of March. Festive evenings, colorful costumes, breathtaking landscapes and mystery are waiting for you. Enjoy this holiday and let yourself be charmed by the island lifestyle!

How do you pass the Mi-Carême?

Let your imagination go ... This is the second week of March, it is Friday andit is five o'clock in the evening. The phone rings, it is the neighbor who wants to form a group for Mi-Carême. "No problem, I'll be at your place at seven o'clock". When you arrive, you have the choice among many different costumes. A musketeer? A dwarf? You choose the musketeer.

All the members of the group are finally there. Swords in hand, musical compact disc in pocket, you are gone. When you arrive at the first house, the music starts, you enter in the main room of the place and then start dancing. Being hidden makes it hard to be recognized! However, it is our guests' task. Will they succeed? One of your companions has been recognized... "That's it ... we are sunk! ". However, they do not recognize you! Satisfaction and pride are invading you! The show ends and your faces are revealed. Ready for the next station, the tour continues ... The evening ends in good company with a drink at the reception room of the bar where the entire population is patiently waiting for the others groups.


Year after year, seamstresses secretly produce their new costumes. Those of the next edition? Nobody knows at the moment ... We will only know during the Mi-Carême tradition, more precisely on Friday or Saturday night. Throughout the year, while they are creating the costumes, newspapers, carpet and sheets will be covering the windows of the houses. Even the sunlight cannot enter the place. This secret is so precious that they guard it with their lives.

For more information about Isle-aux-Grues and Mi-Carême tradition, please contact the Isle-aux-Grues tourist information at 418 241-5117.