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What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is, first and foremost, an outdoor activity.  It consists of finding a cache, the exact location of the cache where an object has been hidden.  The object could be anything; a feather, a bottle, a coin, etc.  With the object, you will always find a logbook where you can record your name, the date and time, etc.

To try geocaching, the only piece of equipment you need is a GPS.  Anyone with a GPS or a smartphone with an Internet connection can find the hidden caches and log in your name.  Before beginning, you can visit the geocaching web site to find out where to start looking for caches.  You can also visit Wikipedia to find out more about the origins of geocaching.

Geocaching in Montmagny and the Islands!

For some time now, visitors can find several caches throughout Isle-aux-Grues.  The caches can be found along the shoreline, in wooded sectors and public areas...just give it a try!

In addition to the caches on Isle-aux-Grues, there are many more that can be found throughout the entire region; in Berthier-sur-Mer, Montmagny, Cap-Saint-Ignace and also in Saint-Pierre-de-la-Riviere-du-Sud.  All you have to do is get your friends and family ready and program your GPS to get started!

Geocaching in MontmagnyThe Montmagny GeoRally

Inspired by Geocaching, the Montmagny GeoRally is a 5 km circuit that includes 16 real and virtual caches.  With the majority of the caches being camouflaged, the Montmagny GeoRally is a true treasure hunt.

The rally takes approximately 2 hours to complete with both the starting and finishing points being the Tourism Information Centre.  Once participants have downloaded the GeoRally map to their GPS, and have procured a rally form, they are off and rallying.  With the use of their GPS, participants will find their way to the first cache.  Once at the destination, participants read the description of the location and the question that awaits them.  This is when the fun begins because they must find the next cache to get the answer to the question. 

Some of the caches are more difficult to locate than others...This is why the hints can be decoded and, therefore, help participants find the next cache.  After having found a cache and learned a bit about Montmagny's marine history, geocachers can write down their answers and move on to the next cache. 

The rules are straightforward and the circuit is easily accessible, even for young families with strollers.  Geocachers can participate individually or with family and friends.  The GeoRally is a perfect activity for both the mind and the body.

The cost of participating is $5 for the questionnaire.  Geocachers with their own GPS won't have any other costs than the questionnaire.  For people who wish to participate but do not have a GPS of their own, they can rent one for $5.  Available GPS equipment is limited, therefore it is recommended to reserve in advance.

For further information, please call: 418-248-9196