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Arts & Culture

Art and cultureMontmagny and the Islands is a region that has a very unique culture, art scene and artistic savoir-faire.  In particular, the geological uniqueness and geographic location of the region have been inspirational to many artists, both local and from elsewhere.  Jean-Paul Riopelle resisded on Isle-aux-Grues for many years, creating many works of art while there.

Many of the residents in our region express themselves through art.  When you come and visit us, you can taste, touch, experience and explore the many art forms available for you to discover.  Whether it's sculpture, paintings, dance, contemporary art, gardens or music, you will enjoy exploring your artistic side in Montmagny and the Islands. 

Local Talent

We have many sculptors in the area, artists who explore sculpting wood, glass and stone.  You will find galleries, boutiques and exhibits that feature all of these forms, highlighting the talented artists of Montmagny and the Islands.

Unique Culture

It is well known that Montmagny and the Islands has its own unique culture.  The Isle-aux-Grues archipelago is a priceless and unexpected source of rich cultural experiences, all of which are reflected in the quality of our local products, the scale of the events that we produce and the history of our province. 


Music plays an important role in the lives of Montmagny and the Islands residents.  Each year, for more than 25 years now, we celebrate the accordion and the important role it has played in our musical culture and other cultures around the world during the Carrefour Mondial de l'Accordéon

Montmagny and the Islands is proud of the artists who live here and the many talents that they are eager to share with you.  Visit the following pages for further details on the aspects of our region that interest you.  Share the information with your friends and family and visit our businesses and galleries!