Access to the islands

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Isle-aux-Grues - Montmagny and the islandsThere are three ways to get on the islands : cruises with onboard commentary, plane and ferry.

The Croisières Lachances tours offer cruises with onboard commentary to Grosse-Île, Isle-aux-Grues and Île au Canot. Leaving from Berthier-sur-Mer, they offer cruises on the St-Lawrence river and guided tours on the islands.

Available all year long, Air Montmagny is the only airline company in the region. You can either access directly to the islands or, according to your preferences, fly over Montmagny and the islands to admire the region.

The third and last only allows you to access to Isle-aux-Grues. This free ferry is available from May to December, and departures depend of the tide.

For more information about the differents ways to access the islands, contact us!